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SMART-C® Dynamic Imaging for Dynamic Decisions

Battery operated and wireless system means no cords on the floor and the unique ability to place the monitor and support stand where the surgeon chooses. Components fit together for easy movement and small storage footprint.

Features of the SMART-C®:

  • Use the SMART-C® as an independent tabletop device or on a support stand to meet  the surgeon’s individual needs

  • Thinnest detector in the market (1.5”) allows surgeons to operate directly on top of the detector

  • 6” x 6” imaging area with superfine 99 μm pixel resolution, for visualization of the smallest anatomical features

  • Wifi and wired image transfer to PACS

  • Wireless footswitch

  • 27” touch screen monitor with class-leading 12” live image

  • Agile positioning of C-arm when mounted to support stand

Doctors performing surgery.

SMART-C® Support Stand

  • Counterbalanced C-arm articulation

  • Small storage footprint

  • Locking wheels

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 1.02.43 AM.png
Medical Support Stand.

SMART-C® Monitor Cart

  • Battery operated monitor cart with no cords on the operating room floor

  • Battery charger for two SMART-C®batteries integral to the Monitor Stand

  • Independent monitor cart allows for a clear field of view positioning

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 1.10.12 AM.png
Medical Monitor Cart.
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